Thursday, 14 February 2013

Amuck! (1972)

AKA Alla ricerca del piacere AKA (the more appropriate) Hot Bed Of Sex.

Written and directed by Silvio Amadio, Amuck! is known by a few other names, but Hot Bed Of Sex is one of the most appropriate, considering how entertainingly titillating the whole thing is.

The strange plot sees the gorgeous Greta Franklin (played by the gorgeous Barbara Bouchet) going to work as a secretary for writer Richard Stuart (Farley Granger). The writer lives with his wife, Eleanora (Rosalba Neri), in sun-drenched Italy, but Greta isn't there to enjoy the weather, oh no. Greta wants to find out what happened to her good friend (and ex-lover), Sally. She suspects foul play and as the writer and his wife start to draw Greta into their sex games that suspicion starts to grow and grow. Did the writer kill Sally, or was it his wife? Perhaps it was the local fisherman, Rocco (Petar Martinovitch).

Amuck! is stylish and fairly well put together, considering that it already has a big enough selling point in the form of Barbara Bouchet. That it also uses Bouchet in some very erotic sequences throughout the movie should be more than enough to keep fans of this kind of film happy. Thankfully, the icing on the cake is the murder mystery plot - enjoyable stuff that tries to keep twisting and turning and keeps the heroine engaged in mindgames with most of the people around her.

Farley Granger is just fine, and the lucky bugger gets to act naughty with Bouchet. Rosalba Neri is also fine, and also lucky enough to get naughty with Bouchet. Patrizia Viotti has a lot less screentime, but guess what - she ALSO gets her naughty with Bouchet (under a waterfall, no less, in one particularly memorable scene). The eagle-eyed amongst you may already have spotted a pattern.

Silvio Amadio does a decent job here, but let's be honest, nobody is ever going to be quoting any classic lines from the script because there are none and this is unlikely to be on any favourite movie lists. However, it does what it does well and I think I may have already mentioned what a bonus the presence of Barbara Bouchet is.


Until the movie gets a decent re-release the only decent (using the word loosely) disc is this one -

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