Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Comic-Con 2015: The Hits.

Here is the news you need to be up to date with, the big reveals from Comic Con this year.

First of all, the latest trailer for Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice made even those who disliked Man Of Steel think that DC might yet have a contender to outdo Marvel yet.

And then came the Suicide Squad trailer, which had some more points to criticise (mainly Leto and Smith) but still looked pretty damn good. I WANT it to be a blast, but the use of the song in the trailer reminded me of a certain major Marvel trailer from the past year. And I am unconvinced by that supporting cast (although LOVE Robbie rocking her Harley Quinn portrayal).

The Deadpool trailer was well received, to put it mildly, but the leaked footage has either disappeared for now, or what I could find wasn't worth placing here.

The latest Fantastic Four trailer still felt remarkably . . . . . . . less than fantastic.

And we also got some more X-Men footage, for X-Men: Apocalypse (again, only poor footage is online at the moment).

Those Star Wars fans eagerly awaiting the release of Episode VII were placated by this behind the scenes reel.

Is anyone feeling similar anticipation for The Man From U.N.C.L.E.? It's doubtful, but this extended trailer sure does pack in a lot of fun.

And then TV and deadites came together in the gloriously demented promo spot for Ash Vs The Evil Dead, a show I had very little interest in. Until now.

Oh, and someone tried to take the most superhero-filled selfie yet.

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