Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Boogeyman 3 (2008)

Much like the first movie in this series, Boogeyman 3 has an interesting idea at the heart of it. It's just a shame that the idea is hampered by the dull script from Brian Sieve and the pedestrian direction from Gary Jones. The end result isn't completely horrible, but it's bland and uninteresting from start to finish.

Nikke Sanderson plays Audrey, a young woman who happens to be the daughter of a main character killed off in Boogeyman 2. Unaware of exactly what went down when her father died, Audrey ends up taking ideas from some of his writing that she discovers. Which means that it's not long until the boogeyman comes along. The film then moves to focus on Sarah (Erin Cahill), the actual lead character for the rest of the movie. Sarah is a student, the host of a radio show, and someone who loves to help others in need. When Audrey catches up with Sarah and explains her recent boogeyman-related experiences, Sarah does her best to help. That's not enough, however, and people soon start dying all around Sarah.

There are times when Boogeyman 3 feels like some reworked Elm Street movie, without any impressive gore FX or a decent main character. That's not to say that it's a bloodless affair, it's just neither inventive nor gory enough to make any lasting impression on horror fans.

Cahill is okay in the main role, yet I can think of at least a dozen other actresses from the world of indie horror who could fill her shoes. Mind you, she has more presence than anyone else onscreen, so her being picked for the lead role is no coincidence. The rest of the cast feels so bland and homogenous that I can't even be bothered to highlight any other performances. Oh, there are different character types, for sure, but they all end up just being the same young folk who may or may not meet a sticky end.

There's nothing else worth highlighting either, apart from the last 10 minutes, which provides both a satisfying conclusion to events, and also an unexpected appearance from Jayne Wisener (a young actress best known for her work on some British TV shows).

If you managed to sit through the first movie, and then managed to get through the second movie, there's nothing here so bad that you won't be able to find it passable enough to complete your trilogy viewing (as I did).


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