Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Before the review, my mind does this.

Anyone keeping up with the damn story may have noticed that I haven't written a section of my "Resonance" story for a while. Well, that's because I have a) lost my few notes that I had on the thing and b) had plenty of other stuff to fit in here.
But today was going to be a "Resonance" day . . . . until I realised that I'd lost those notes.
Instead I have to give you the ten mental notes that I will be filtering through my mind before writing out my full review on Flickfeast for Battle: Los Angeles.

1) Oh, it starts amid some action and then moves back in time to before the action started. This IS just like Skyline then.

2) Aaron Eckhart has resigned from the military and it's his last day? Oh, he's not going to be best pleased then.

3) Really? They're REALLY giving us this bunch to root for? The leader who has resigned, the guy planning his wedding, someone kissing his pregnant wife goodbye and the young 'un who was allowed in after his momma signed the permission slip. They all need the namebadge "Dead Meat".

4) Yayyyyyyyyyyy, it's the guy who plays Hoyt from True Blood.

5) Okay, this has been going on for over half an hour now and I just keep thinking that if I put on Independence Day while playing Call Of Duty I could have the exact same experience.

6) Hmmmm, nice to see Michelle Rodriguez stretching herself by playing a tough chick handy with a weapon. Oh wait, that's who she plays in EVERY FUCKING MOVIE SHE EVER DOES!!!!

7) Is that woman Ashley Judd or . . . . *checks IMDb* . . . . . . ohhhhhhhhh, it's Bridget Moynahan. Why does she look so much like Ashley Judd nowadays?

8) Shit. I was just telling my fiance all about Hoyt from True Blood being in this film but not for long and then I saw him again. This means that I have no idea who the disposable soldiers killed off earlier in the movie were. I don't even remember Hoyt's name. I'm calling him Private Hoyt.

9) I like Aaron Eckhart. Usually. I guess I can see what the intentions were with this film but to make things so full of jittery-cam and then ladle on more cheese than any gung-ho wooha America flick is unforgiveable.

10) I kinda want the aliens to win.

So, I hope to get this lot in some order before you ever see the full review but, hopefully, that can give you some idea of my thoughts on the movie just now.

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