Sunday, 10 April 2011

Re-viewing the viewings I didn't review.

I've been very busy lately watching a LOT of movies. Which is great. That's my favourite thing in the world.
However, I had been keeping a running note over the past few months of any movies that I'd watched that I hadn't written reviews for (either here or on Flickfeast or on IMDb, where I go by the name of tyler-and-jack . . . . . . IF you're ever wanting to see my opinion of a film over there) and I went back today to check off some titles from the list as I finally had some spare time to chip away at the backlog.


That's not one or two here and there, that's bloody loads. More importantly, some of those films have already faded thanks to the sheer excess of movies I watched during one extended period of time so now I have to RE-view them before being able to review them. But it will be worth it in the end. I like to at least give the appearance of someone who knows what he's talking about when reviewing a movie and it would just do no good at all to try and review anything that I couldn't remember. In fact, it would do no good as a practical review and it would be unfair on anyone who read the damn thing as some kind of pre-viewing precis.

There are some titles that will never fade - sadly, these include all 3 Open Season movies and almost a dozen killer croc flicks (damn you Lake Placid 2 for polluting my retinas, damn you to hell) - but there are others that are so disposable they will always fade soon afterwards, movies that I should have known to review at the time, movies I don't necessarily want to sit through again.

But I will.

Because, deep down, I love it.

It's certainly a big lesson learned though.


  1. Put quality over quantity, mate; chuck that list in the rubbish bin.

  2. While I appreciate the advice I try to go for both, it's my OCD. I'm sure I will enjoy my second viewing of . . . . . . Transylmania (*oh good grief*). haha