Tuesday, 9 October 2018

MTOS: Asian Horror

If you saw the last #mtos post here then you should know what it's all about. Basically, a load of questions are set that will provide us with the opportunity to discuss a movie topic on Sunday (hence Movie Talk On Sunday) with the hashtag #mtos helping you to find everyone involved.

October is the month of horror, of course, and last week saw a great discussion on British horror from #mtos host Film File. This week we're moving away from the UK. It's time to discuss some fine Asian horror. I hope you join us in . . . .  seven dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys. Sorry, five days. I meant to request that you join us in five days.

1) Kwaidan and Onibaba were both released in 1964. Have you seen them, as influential as they are, and do you have a favourite of the two? #mtos

2) Hausu is a VERY different kind of horror film IMO, and it's madder than a bag of badgers, but it's a kind of mad I love. Please tell me I'm not alone. And how you came to love it. #mtos

3) It's fair to say that the love (or resurgence of love) for Asian horror was kicked off by Ringu, and The Grudge series. What was your entry point, and what impressed you the most about it? #mtos

4) A number of tropes have been established in Asian horror movies. Is there one that makes you roll your eyes (Sadako style) every time it crops up, or are they part of the fun? #mtos

5) Sadako Vs Kayako (2016), was this the ultimate battle of evil that fans never knew they wanted? Was it too silly? And who did you want to win? #mtos

6) Takashi Miike, Takashi Shimizu, Park Chan-wook, Bong Joon-ho, Kim Jee-woon. So many great directors. Who has a filmography that you are most familiar with, and what do they bring to the genre that makes them worth seeking out? #mtos

7) I Saw The Devil, Cold Fish, The Chaser, there are also many horrors from this area with non-supernatural villains. Do you prefer these to the familiar ghosts, and do you have an outright favourite? #mtos

8) Culturally, why do you think Asia, and specifically Japan, manage to craft such creepy films within environments that are often modern, sleek, and heavily populated? #mtos

9) As well as spooky, Asian horror can provide some extreme fare. Have you seen any of those (e.g. the infamous Guinea Pig movies, Grotesque, The Butcher) or do you wonder how anyone can enjoy such nastiness? #mtos

10) Let's end with a recommendation. Tell people the one Asian horror movie that you feel is underseen or just essential viewing for genre fans. #mtos

And that is that. Don't let any of this conversation make you nervous as you get ready for bed this evening. Just relax, make sure the TV is unplugged, don't answer any anonymous numbers on your mobile phone, ignore the creaking stairs, and stay away from anyone with their personal collection of acupuncture needles and piano wire . . . "kiri kiri kiri, kiri . . . kiri . . . kiri."

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