Friday, 30 August 2013

Prehistoric Women AKA Slave Girls (1967)

A lame outing from Hammer that not only revisits the well they have been to on more than one previous occasion (with the likes of She and One Million Years B.C.) but crams the material into the kind of story any young pre-teenage boy could have written. Though they would have included some actual dinosaurs to add excitement.

The ridiculous plot sees a jungle guide (played by the bland Michael Latimer) seized by a tribe and readied for sacrifice to some white rhinoceros god. As things are about to get very, very bleak for the man it's fortunate that he instead ends up randomly transported through time to an age when one woman ruled all and men were their slaves. The woman, played by the beautiful Martine Beswick, stays in control while her maltreated subjects (including Edith Ronay) start to hatch a planned revolt.

Michael Carreras directs with no enthusiasm for his own, lame script and the only redeeming thing that the movie has to offer is the sight of fine women in fur bikinis. Yes, it's a completely shallow way of looking at the film but, believe me, it's also the best way. Beswick and Ronay certainly give more to the material than it deserves.

It's not dull, and there are a couple of surprisingly passionate tribal dance sequences, but it's really not worth bothering about unless you're a Hammer completist or a fan of the women on screen (and poor, sad wretch that I am . . . . I like to think of myself as both).


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