Monday, 5 May 2014

Ani-MAY-tion Month: South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut (1999)

South Park. Everyone knows about it by now, don't they? The lo-fi animated show created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone that became a huge success. Anyone who has seen 6 Days To Air: The Making Of South Park already knows the energy and creativity it takes to make each episode of the show, but adapting it into a decent feature movie should bring all new challenges and problems. Or, at least, that would be the general consensus. But nobody ever told Parker and Stone the rules, which is why they consistently manage to break them, and do so with no small amount of success.

The plot of the South Park movie sees Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny all sneaking their way in to see the new Terrance and Phillip movie, Asses Of Fire. The movie is a non-stop parade of flatulence and profanity, with one or two great musical numbers in the mix. The boys are, understandably, very impressed. They're also very impressionable, and it's not long until all of the kids are using language that upsets all of the adults. Keen to find a way to solve the problem, the parents, led by the militant Sheila Broflovski, settle on a course of action that should please everyone with a sense of decency. They blame Canada. Unfortunately, that could lead to World War III, and an opportunity for Satan to come up from Hell and rule over an apocalyptic landscape. Maybe the naughty language wasn't so bad after all.

The great thing about Parker and Stone is the way they can take pot shots at everyone and everything while still keeping their eye very much on a main target. On this occasion, the target is reactionary measures taken by people desperate for something to be angry with.
As the adults all sing at the end of the "Blame Canada" song: "We must blame them and cause a fuss, before somebody thinks of blaming us!"

There are some fun celebrity vocal cameos, but otherwise this is business as usual for the two South Park guys as they provide their usual crowd of voices. I don't know much that worked against them during the big musical numbers, but it doesn't seem to have done any harm. In fact, the musical numbers are SO good that this movie allowed Parker and Stone to pop along to the Oscars, in a memorable night that provided some great images easily available with a little searching (seriously, look them up).

Profane, hilarious, full of great musical numbers (including the main hit from Terrance and Phillip), smart, and brilliantly developing South Park for the big screen without ever losing its essence. I highly recommend South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut. But not for the kids.


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