Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Emanuelle And The Last Cannibals (1977)

Well, this is a strange one to review. It's not really my cup of tea, but I can't deny that there was plenty here to keep me entertained throughout. It may have been lowest common denominator stuff, but I have never claimed to be above any of that. In fact, sometimes it's just what's needed.

Having said that, I don't really appreciate the blend here. I'm not a big fan of mixing gratuitous nudity and horribly unsexy fingerbanging with nasty gore moments showing cannibals chowing down on body parts that were never meant to be chowed down upon. I like erotica to be erotic and gory entertainment to be gory and rarely want the two elements mixed together. It can work sometimes, and there are people who enjoy this movie much more than I do, but I just like to keep them both away from one another, when it comes to my personal viewing choices.

Before I forget, let me mention the plot. There is one. Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) is a journalist who believes that she can track down an Amazonian tribe believed to no longer exist. She takes her information to Professor Mark Lester (Gabriele Tinti) and he decides to help, and accompany, her on her expedition. They also have sex. When they get overseas they meet some other people, some people have sex with people, and then there are cannibals. That's about it.

Directed, and co-written, by Joe D'Amato, this is an impressive piece of sleaze. Laura Gemser has many fans. I happen to think she's quite pretty, that's all, so her presence is a big bonus for many, and the gory moments include breasts being bitten, a nasty moment showing what we now commonly refer to as a "Bobbitt" and some guts being devoured.

Romano Scandariato is the other name credited with writing the script, though it's hard to imagine just how much effort was required to string together a number of sex scenes until things turn a lot bloodier for the grand finale.

The cast also includes Nieves Navarro (billed as Susan Scott), Monica Zanchi, Annamaria Clementi (as a nun, no less, just to keep ticking off those taboos), Donald O'Brien and Percy Hogan.

I'm glad that I finally saw this one, and I have a whole world of exploitation fare ahead of me that I have yet barely dipped into, but I won't be rushing to rewatch it and I don't know who I'd really recommend it to.



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