Monday 27 June 2011

Switching back on.

The madness of the EIFF is all over and done and it's reinforced two things.

1) The work and expended energy pays off with some great rewards and
2) Even though I was tired out I was looking forward to more viewings outwith the festival.

The past 10 days or so saw Kathryn and I becoming veritable strangers, ships passing in the night, but Kathryn is gracious enough to tolerate these things on occasion because she knows how happy it makes me and the effort I put into things.

So what lies ahead in the realm of Flickfeast and here in bloggy-land? For some reason, best kept to myself, I plan on getting through as many Steven Seagal movies as possible, I'll be catching up on the many purchases made over the past month or so and there are a number of movie marathons coming up at some point (the Final Destination flicks, the Death Wish movies, Russ Meyer and Russ Meyer, etc, etc).

So for those interested in the slightest, a movie review or two WILL be appearing here soon after far too long a hiatus.