Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Stats and facts and bric-a-brac.

Well, it's been a hectic few days in my own little movieland so anyone wanting to read a new film review may be sadly disappointed. That'll be one person then, not including friends I constantly blackmail into reading my drivel.

Those of you who write reviews and/or consistent blogs will know that sometimes you just get that feeling of burnout and you have to take a time out. It may be a day or two, it may be a couple of weeks, but it's a break and that's what counts.

Bizarrely, when I didn't post anything here yesterday my pageviews still managed to hit 120 (thank you to anyone stopping by, as ever) and I DO like to keep an eye on these things and react to whatever is increasing traffic and interest.

Flickfeast works in a similiar fashion, with the editor monitoring traffic flow and making the most of any advance reviews we can get written up and out there into the world wide web. I always find it a bit of a shame that we have so many registered members over at Flickfeast (2834 at this moment in time) and yet very few people use the Forum facility. Maybe it's just never going to be good enough or maybe people don't realise that they can be informed of replies to their thread if they pick the "subscribe" option once they have posted.

My home stats (aka my movie collection) are currently through the roof. Here is the latest selection for anyone wanting to keep up with my eclectic, often dubious, taste. The Collection.

But what of the blog stats? Well, first of all, it's been hitting 100+ pageviews every day for over a week now and I can't thank everybody enough. That amounts to 3000 visits in a month and I'd definitely like to keep growing the numbers.

And here are the top searches that have enabled people to discover some of the reviews:

Steven Seagal - No surprise there.

Eileen Daly - I'm glad that I have mentioned her on this blog and will endeavour to do so again.

Gutterballs - Ryan Nicholson deserves support so I will be covering more of his movies soon.

Debbie James - Hmmm, I've seen a movie with her in it and have forgotten her already.

Wild Things Foursome - Perverts.

Jillian Murray Hot - More perverts.

Teen Wolf - Yayyyy for the cool kids.

Into The Sun - Seagal fans. - To be fair, this is probably me searching for the site when my bookmarks aren't available.

Jacqueline Macinnes Wood Nude - And the perverts return.

The referring URLs seem to be split between IMDb and Google, as I would expect, so that shows a nice balance.

But where things get really interesting is in the post stats.

What do you think my most viewed post would be? I'd hazard a guess that you wouldn't have gone with Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes. Yet it IS the most viewed post, and by quite a long shot. Behind that comes Cradle Of Fear. Then Death Of A Ghost Hunter. Then Gutterballs. Oh, there's a Seagal movie in the Top 10 and also the enjoyable Among The Fallen but it's clear that people tend to look out for movies that have had less coverage elsewhere. Maybe people are genuinely interested in finding full reviews or maybe people have seen some of the movies that I have seen and then hope to see it given a merciless kick-in if it's rubbish (which a number of films I've viewed for the blog have been although I'm not lumping all of the titles in this paragraph into the one category).

Why post about this if I am taking a break from posting? Well, it's easy to write about and I just wanted to remind everyone that every visit matters and that these figures spur me on to keep trying to do more and do better. So, once again, thanks very much.

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