Monday, 4 June 2012

Normal service will resume soon.

Oh yes, today I watched The New York Ripper and I'm certainly looking forward to that one but, strangely enough, the major blog development that has happened in my absence is that people have somehow been clicking on links and going to Amazon through this amazing portal which has, in turn, been sending me pennies. Pennies make pounds so I'm as astounded as I am grateful to you all for that turn of events.
Here's a brief recap of what I saw last week and what will be appearing here or over at Flickfeast.

Prometheus - The biggie. My review is here.
The Descendants - George Clooney was great, the movie was good.
John Carter - Surprisingly good sci-fi adventure that didn't deserve to flop as hard as it did.
Piranha 3DD - Nope, it just didn't work. 4/10 max.

Anyway, I hope to return this evening with my review of that notorius Fulci slasher. Then I need to get back into first gear for this week (Kurt Russell returns, another A & C movie and much more).

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