Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilant diamond jubilee?

I still have no time just now for movie viewing/reviewing but it just struck me as I walked home today and saw Union Jacks flying and people enjoying an excuse to have some wine and nibbles streets away from the beggars and the Big Issue sellers and the job centres and those with many problems on their plate (as opposed to some Mr. Kipling cakes and daintily sliced sandwiches) . . . . . . . . . . . . . has everyone suddenly lost their mind and just been brainwashed into enjoying this "Diamond Jubilee" with no thought of protest or what a smack in the face it is?

Employment figures are high, money is being stretched further and further, the government seems to shows itself up as more and more corrupt every single day in the news (news that, ironically, has shown that it can lower itself to the government's level) and a year or so after the big uproar that included riots in England and the 99% trying to make themselves heard we are laughingly encouraged to celebrate the long reign of someone who wasn't elected to their position, who sucks more and more money from taxpayers than any benefit fraudster and who has done nothing bit be born into privilege.

Now I don't hate the Queen, she's always struck me as a very nice woman doing her duty for the country and trying to move with rapid and turbulent times. But I don't love her either. With 2012 seeing this event and the Olympics here in the UK it seems to me to be a case of the higher uppers latching on to anything that can give an excuse for a distracting celebration. Careful now, I'm pretty sure that's why America started the first Gulf War.

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