Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Driven To Kill (2009)

Having impressed everyone over the years with his astounding acting range, Steven Seagal shows that he has at least one more trick up his sleeve when he portrays a Russian ex-mobster in this enjoyable action movie. Okay, I may have my tongue wedged in my cheek just now but, in all honesty, he's not that bad with the accent. He's not that good either. But he's not THAT bad.

Seagal is Ruslan, a man who tries to chill out and play nice while he visits his ex-wife and daughter on the day that his little girl is due to get married. Sadly, all of the wedding plans are a bit messed up when some nasty guys break in and kill people. From then on, Seagal is . . . . . . . . . Driven To Kill.

Written by Mark James, and directed by Jeff King (who previously worked with Seagal on the poor Kill Switch), this is a surprisingly enjoyable Seagal movie that ended up with many others in the straight-to-DVD market. The acting isn't great but the action will keep fans happy and the dialogue, while quite horrid most of the time, actually works well enough here and there to provide a couple of decent one-liners. If you can make out just what is being said through the garbled accents.

Bizarre as it may seem, the only other person I recognised onscreen was Crystal Lowe (an actress who has appeared in a few horror movies such as Final Destination 3 and Wrong Turn 2: Dead End). Sadly, she's onscreen for about 2 minutes. I could check the credits for the names of the main people who managed to either look on in awe as Seagal kicked ass or had their ass kicked while Seagal awesomely kicked ass but it would be a waste of time. There really wasn't anyone worth mentioning.

There's nothing like a great Seagal movie and, as is so often the case nowadays, this is nothing like a great Seagal movie. But it is a good one. And that's high praise indeed, considering most of his filmography.


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