Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Onion Movie (2008)

It has Steven Seagal in it so this is the weekly Seagal. Suck it up.

Do you know what The Onion is? It's America's Finest News Source. If you didn't know that then shame on you, shame, shame, shame. Check it out here. I've read articles from The Onion occasionally and found them to be pretty funny. I've even seen people mistake their articles for real news items and that's even funnier. Yes, The Onion is a big, funny, mass of spoofery with some of the easiest targets in sight (patrotism, prejudice, capitalism, the language of news reporting) and an ability to hit them dead on. I try to avoid it, however, because I have plenty already that can suck away all of my time on the internet. Thankfully, I set out to see the movie and found it to be pretty bloody hilarious.

The story is a very slim one. The Onion remains America's Finest News Source but is in danger of being undermined by new additions from the corporation that now owns it (a corporation that is out to market, among other things, an amazing Steven Seagal movie entitled "Cock Puncher"). So, essentially, there are a series of sketches framed by a story strand that sees the fate of The Onion, and main newscaster Norm Archer (Len Cariou), hanging in the balance.

 Written by Todd Hanson and Robert D. Siegel, and directed by Tom Kuntz (I have no idea if that's his real name or not, that's the IMDb listing) and Mike Maguire, The Onion Movie is often in poor taste but stays consistently funny from start to finish. Fans of The Kentucky Fried Movie should love it, fans of comedy should love it and fans of Steven Seagal should at least give it a watch to see how good a sport he is for pretending to star in "Cock Puncher".

The cast all do fine, the punchlines are often very funny and the film never outstays its welcome, coming in at just under 80 minutes. A highly enjoyable comedy that deserves to be seen by more people.



  1. This is one of those movies I've always wanted to watch but had a voice telling me to hold it off. But now I might give it a chance. I trust you man

  2. I think you will find it pretty funny.