Thursday 31 May 2012

No reviews for a few days - blame Prometheus.

Yeah, that's right.

Everyone knows that my blog goes quiet now and again but I've really been enjoying trying to put content on here every day lately, especially as I know that there are a couple of weeks at the end of the month that will see me trying to attend EIFF 2012 screenings and then giving the reviews over to Flickfeast.

However, my whole schedule is out of whack for the next few days as I HAD to book my ticket to see Prometheus in 3D at 00:01 tonight. This means that I had to sleep in late today to make sure that I stay awake later on, I'll have to sleep in late tomorrow and then Saturday sees me back to being up extra early but only so that I can go along and meet my daughter for some playtime before my shift at work.

Overall, this means no other movie viewings or review writing for me for a good portion of the week. I blame Prometheus but I'm also hoping that it will all be most worthwhile.

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