Saturday, 12 October 2013

Resolution (2012)

Resolution is a smart, effective, low-budget horror movie that showcases just what can be done when ideas and execution exceed budgetary limitations. Written by Justin Benson, who co-directed the movie with Aaron Moorhead, it's an impressive achievement that many horror fans have already discovered since it appeared on Netflix recently.

Peter Cilella plays Michael, a man who heads out to visit his friend, Chris (Vinny Curran). Chris has a drug problem and Michael wants to help him kick the habit and make his life better. Unfortunately, Chris doesn't actually want to clean up his act so Michael is forced to restrain his friend and put him through some unpleasant cold turkey. As if that wasn't a stressful enough situation, it turns out that Michael and Chris are, apparently, being watched and recorded by someone.

Although it's essentially a two-hander, Resolution does have a supporting cast of characters intruding on the lives of the two leads every now and again. The acting is very good from everyone involved, and I was very pleased to see a small role for the fine gentleman known as Bill Oberst Jr. Bill plays a character named Byron, someone who may know more about the local area than he lets on to Michael. Byron, however, isn't the only character who seems to know more than the two leads. Resolution is very much a film disproving the motto of "ignorance is bliss" while also reminding viewers that knowledge isn't always power. You need the right knowledge.

The script is pretty sparse, but there are enough good lines throughout to make it worth keeping your ears open. Despite the movie being about some bigger mystery, one conversation between Chris and Michael that lets them discuss another important aspect of the film, control, is as smart as it is truthful and even painful (for those who have been in a similiar situation).

The direction from Moorhead and Benson may be unspectacular, and everything about the film seems slightly subdued, but that's fine for the material. It doesn't need to shout or throw the camera around for added effect. It's happy enough, instead, to take the time required to make something quietly unsettling for horror movie fans after something that feels unique.



  1. I'm a big fan of this movie. I saw it at Fantasia 2012, and then again recently. I agree it's not 100%, but it's got some great original ideas and when it works, it REALLY works.

  2. Kevin, great post and Blog, congratulations from:

  3. Thanks so much for taking a thoughtful look at our little movie and taking the time to write about it!

  4. Oh yes Doc, I also enjoyed seeing you review and promote this one.
    Thanks Oz :-)
    Justin - I wish I could take credit for discovering your movie, but wiser horror fans took note and the word of mouth has been spreading from there. Well done on the final result, and thanks for popping on here. Best of luck for whatever is next on your horizon.

  5. Kevin, thank you for the review. I felt lucky to have been a small part of a film that tried to do something fresh and unique. I enjoy your blog. - Bill

    Bill Oberst Jr.

    1. You flatter me, sir. Glad you enjoyed the review :-)