Tuesday, 17 July 2018

MTOS: Uncage The Cage

There are two things I love in the world. Well, there are way more than two things I love, but here are two of them.

The first is #MTOS - Movie Talk On Sunday. It's a Twitter conversation, every Sunday evening at 2000 (UK time), and I missed it while it went far too quiet for a while. Ten questions, as many participants as possible. Many, many potential answers. The regular host is now FilmFile.

The second is Nicolas Cage. Which is why, partly to celebrate the release (AT LAST) of Mom & Dad here in the UK, I decided to put forward a potential choice/selection of questions for the upcoming #MTOS. And they have been accepted. So here are the questions, feel free to immerse yourself in the cinematic world of Nicolas Cage, and I hope you join us on Sunday evening.

1. Cage has always tended to have a particular . . . style. Do you like or dislike his work, and why?

2. Favourite Cage role?

3. Is he the weakest member of the Coppolla family?

4. Do you think his career has been strengthened or weakened by his need to pay off some BIG bills?

5. Would you have given your money to Cage in the Superman role?

6. At what point, what movie, do you think Cage went off the deep end?

7. Do you still look forward to Cage in Bruckheimer-produced movies?

8. Do you still look forward to Nicolas Cage movies in general?

9. Who did better? Travolta playing Cage or Cage playing Travolta in Face Off?

10. What role would you like to see Nic Cage play? Any role, new or reworked.

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