Monday 21 May 2012

Bloodstone: Subspecies II (1993)

Following on directly from the end of the first movie, Bloodstone: Subspecies II changes the main actress but keeps everything else pretty much consistent with the events of its predecessor. Radu (Anders Hove again) is still a nasty vampire and he still covets the bloodstone. He also covets the latest female vampire to be created (Denice Duff) and sets out to reclaim her as his consort after she escapes into the night.

Written and directed by Ted Nicolaou, this outing does what most sequels do. Basically, it's the same as the first movie but not quite as good in a number of ways. Unlike most sequels, however, it actually claws some points back in other ways and things even out to the point where this film ends up being equal to the first. What does it do better this time around? Well, there are some genuinely impressive practical effects (most of them in the first 10-20 minutes, admittedly, but they are onscreen for your enjoyment) and some effective use of light and shadow for a number of moody sequences.

The cast may not be all that great but they do what needs done with the average script. Anders Hove is the best thing onscreen once again as Radu while Pamela Gordon, under a LOT of make up, is equally nasty alongside him as Mummy. Denice Duff is now the actress playing Michelle (aka Michele) and she does okay, I guess, while Melanie "yes, daughter of William" Shatner is stuck in the thankless role of Rebecca, the sister trying to find Michelle and ensure her safety. Kevin Blair is Mel, a disposable male character there to show an interest in Rebecca, but Michael Denish is given more to do as the learned and helpful Popescu.

This is an entertaining and surprisingly atmospheric sequel that I recommend unreservedly to fans of the first film. Though do be warned - this was filmed back to back with Bloodlust: Subspecies III and so ends somewhat abruptly to help you choose whether or not you're going to watch the next instalment.


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