Thursday 24 May 2012

Slow Torture Puke Chamber (2010)

*****WARNING: If you turned your nose up at the post title then just ignore this entire review*****

Well, the "Vomit Gore Trilogy" from Lucifer Valentine comes to a close with this film, thus bringing me to the end of three film viewings that I hope never to repeat in my life. Each film has featured a mix of stomach-churning moments with other stuff that's just trying too hard to shock but they're also very successful at provoking an extreme reaction (I looked away on a couple of occasions and had to fight back the urge to throw up - in what would have been, surely, a grand piece of audience participation).

Once again, I'd have to warn most people away from this one. None but the most foolhardy or the most immovable should even attempt to watch this film.

Once again, there's no definite plot although the whole trilogy purports to be the vivid hallucinations/nightmares of a young woman so the content you get this time includes vomit, abuse, watersports, vomit, infanticide, sexual abuse and vomit. Pretty much the same as the preceding film then, except it's not quite as unrelentingly extreme in what it depicts.

In fact, with the first couple of minutes taken up by warnings (a statement from actress Hope Likens followed by a general "do not enter if possibly offended by anything" notice) this film, strangely enough, seems to suffer slightly by not really sticking to what it does best. The more shocking moments this time around are so fake that they're not really shocking and the whole thing teeters on the brink of complete absurdity. Of course, critics would probably say that about the entire trilogy but the second film at least contained astounding courage in every frame from beginning to end. Slow Torture Puke Chamber sees the whole thing end with a whimper rather than a bang.

There are moments here that are almost effective, the narration from the central character contains some of the best writing of the trilogy, but when viewers have been worn down by the first two movies a different approach is required to make the finale an effective one. Things either have to go even further than you could ever envisage or Lucifer Valentine needs to surprise audiences by presenting things in a completely different style. The fact that this film simply provides more of the same, only in a slightly tamer style, is the biggest failing and one that leaves you with something disappointingly pointless.


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