Saturday 5 May 2012

So, You've Downloaded A Demon (2007)

A low budget horror comedy that's more about the laughs than the scares, this little movie is one of those enjoyable films that makes up for many failings by just trying so damn hard to be likeable. It may not have the sharpest script, tightest editing or best cast but it still does enough to raise itself just above the desolate middle ground where 1001 decidedly average slasher/vampire/zombie movies reside.

The premise is covered by the title. A couple of goth gals (Miranda, played by Casidee Riley, and Cat, played by Sommer Lynn Fain) stumble across a website that offers them plenty in exchange for their soul. They decide not to risk accepting the offer but get a couple of nice men they know (Dave, played by Zak Kreiter, and Brian, played by Daniel Paul Schafer) to have a look. One bit of cyberhacking later and Dave has been possessed by a demon. This means that he speaks in amusingly melodramatic fashion, vomits on people as he tries to win the position of student president and aims to collect the one or two more souls that will make him pretty much all-powerful. It's up to Miranda, Cat and Brian to overcome the demon, preferably without killing Dave. They may also receive some help from the informed Dr. Malcolm (Todd Livingston) but removing the demon from Dave may not be the end of the matter.

Todd Livingston, as well as giving himself a supporting role in the movie, also directed the thing and co-wrote the screenplay with Nicholas Capetanakis. If it was a terrible movie then we could easily point the finger and call for a swift end to his career. But it's not that bad. So, You've Downloaded A Demon contains many of the mis-steps often seen in amateur fare (such as repetitive sequences, inconsistent audio levels, not-so-special special effects) but it also has an enthusiasm and sense of fun that makes up for a hell of a lot.

The cast have fun, even if they're not necessarily destined for greatness, and the vibe of the whole movie was vaguely reminiscent of some crazy John Hughes comedy in my opinion. That, to me, is no bad thing. Perhaps they should have put everyone in detention and called it The Exorcist Club.

You won't want to rush out and spend a lot of money on this movie but I do recommend it as a potential viewing when you've exhausted many other possibilities and I'd also recommend that you pick it up if you ever see it going for a bargain price. Those involved deserve to know that the film is reaching some kind of audience, even if it's just people as easygoing with their viewing material as I am.


Or watch it for free here.

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