Friday 18 May 2012

Black Devil Doll (2007)

Silly me, thinking this was a remake/reimagining/re-whatever of Black Devil Doll From Hell when the two films couldn't be more different. That movie was all about a black doll that swore and had sex with a woman and then drove her wild with passion and sin that she couldn't get back under control. This movie is all about a black doll that swears a lot and has sex with lots of big breasted white women. The two couldn't be more different.

Heather (played by the voluptuous Heather Murphy) is bored at home and starts to play around with a ouija board. Seconds later, she has called a black devil doll to her and, after some small talk, the two get jiggy. With a large appetitie to satisfy, the black devil doll convinces Heather to invite some of her friends round and then give him time alone to work his magic.

Actually, Black Devil Doll IS a very different experience from its awful cinematic ancestor thanks to one saving grace - a huge helping of humour.

The screenplay by Mitch Mayes and Shawn Lewis is profane, offensive and stupid. Which means that it's also very, very funny if you are the kind of person who can just go along with a gag, no matter how far it goes and how ridiculous it gets.

Director Jonathan Louis Lewis is more interested in titillation and giggles than any attempt at serious nastiness and he mixes in some messy death scenes with plenty of gratuitous nudity and lingering shots of top-heavy women unaware that a black doll is wanting to have his wicked way with them.

Heather Murphy has the main role and, despite how silly the central concept is, she's both easy on the eye and quite sweet, a bit of a ditzy girl who finds herself ordered around by a foul-mouthed doll. Natasha Talonz, Christine Svendsen, Erika Branich and Precious Cox (yeah, I'm also assuming that these aren't all real names) may not be the best actresses in the world but they are willing to engage in a spontaneous carwashing moment and also spend a lot of time ogling and touching each others chests. This means that they are all wonderful actresses who give their all for the sake of the project so I won't hear any criticism of their performances. Martin Boone and Gregory Solis also appear onscreen but if I said I enjoyed their onscreen moments interrupting the ladies doing what they do best then I'd be lying.

Obviously this isn't one to watch on a Sunday afternoon with the family visiting but it is something you can enjoy for a few giggles before going on to deny that you'd ever watch such nonsense. I watched it, I enjoyed it and I presumed I would never watch it again. Yet I AM tempted to pick up the DVD. Damn that black devil doll.


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