Monday, 6 January 2014

Cannibal Terror (1980)

Directed by Alain Deruelle, and a couple of uncredited helping hands, and written by a few people, you have to wonder just how it took so many people to create one big lump of useless rubbish when surely one person could have messed everything up just as well. I could have created something more worthwhile than this back in 1980, and I was only 4 years old then.

Cannibal Terror gained some notoriety when it was banned in the UK in the "video nasty" debacle of the 1980s but deserves none of it. Basically, people just thought the worst when they saw a movie with the word "cannibal" in the title and banned something that, ironically, didn't deserve one ounce of the attention it found heaped upon it.

Some people kidnap a little girl, some people try to follow the kidnappers, and then some cannibals eat lengthy innards now and again, and that's almost the summary of the entire movie. Oh yeah, it also has one of those scenes where a woman is casually raped and then acts pretty nonchalant about the whole thing afterwards. You know, those scenes that rarely appear in films for good  reason. If any of the actual cannibal stuff was nasty and entertaining for gorehounds, then this may still have been saved, but it's not. The whole movie is just horribly dull.

Full of bad acting, inept direction, a soundtrack that sounds as if someone tone deaf was given a scrambled score for a mini-synthesiser version of "La Bamba" and coma-inducing pacing make this movie an absolute chore to sit through and unworthy of your time, even if you're like me and just trying to catch up with every title that was ever labelled a "video nasty". Truly terrible.


Buyer beware -

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