Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Silent Night, Zombie Night (2009)

Silent Night, Zombie Night is that all too common thing, a great title lacking a great movie to accompany it. It's not a terrible film, it's just that . . . . . . . . . nope, wait, I guess it actually IS a terrible film. Yet it has some aspects that save it from being completely unwatchable.

The plot is as simple as you can get. There's a zombie outbreak. That's it. Two cops (Frank, played by Jack Forcinito, and Nash, played by Andy Hopper) are caught up in the middle of things and that at least distracts them from their argument for a while until they meet up with Frank's wife (Sarah, played by Nadine Stenovitch). You see, Frank isn't a nice guy most of the time and his wife was about to leave him. Frank suspects that she's been sleeping with Nash but that might be his imagination. Or is it?

The biggest problem with Silent Night, Zombie Night might be clear to you after reading the above plot summary. Sadly, writer-director Sean Cain undoes any of his good work by using a zombie outbreak to frame an uninteresting and melodramatic love triangle. It's as if a bunch of zombies just wandered into the middle of a series of As The World Turns.

Cain throws in some decent special effects now and again, there's a fun (though far too obvious) homage to Reservoir Dogs within the first 5-10 minutes and the rare moments when viewers are reminded that everything is happening at Christmas makes for nice juxtaposition. If only it was something that Cain remembered to keep threading throughout the movie.

Jack Forcinito acts mean and tough, Andy Hopper acts nice and tough, Nadine Stenovitch acts with the poor material that she's given, Lew Temple isn't too bad as a family man holed up in his attic after the chaotic outbreak and Vernon Wells and Felissa Rose are just about adequate, I suppose.

While this is no Zombie Nation, it's certainly no The Living Want Me Dead (available to view HERE). I could have marked this one lower, it's really too much filler and very little thriller, but it's clear that the writing and direction may be flawed but Cain tries to paper over the many cracks with his love of the horror genre. And that gets him a bonus point.



  1. Hmmm, I think I will pass on this one

  2. Sadly, it's far from the worst I've seen for my ho ho ho down.

  3. Uhm, not so bad, but i was hoping to see cult actor Domiziano Arcangeli a lot more, his role looks like cut down, and, with his incredible looks, cult status, and, intensity, could have been used a whole lot better than Ms. plain Jane, Felissa Rose (hilariously trying to run,here!),or fellows B stars,Lew Temple & Vernon Wells, which i did not see at ease on this flick (it's just a kind understatement!) and, honestly,all seem quite stiff, at the end, while, Arcangeli(for those who may not be familiar, just have a look at his IMDb!)manages to make you wanna kill the writers/producers for not having shown much of him, looking really a stand out,just in a few quick shots..Too bad!
    The rest of the acting wasn't bad, but,I agree,all just standard TV,or better, Soap's stuff!
    The director could handle a movie like this, with more of a brave spirit, and, not taking all this, straight to Z grade movies Hell, short cuts, instead!
    You may recognize some interesting knowledge and passion,while, it is obvious, that Cain was at least clever by using the help of great&savvy collaborators in some of the key crew positions,and, then instead,he disappoints settling for a weak story telling (everything is too ordinary, not enough mystery or sensuality),missing on the actors, since, in my opinion, he could have made again a much better use of such special people, so under utilized, and, honestly, shamefully employed probably just to fit the bill of some International Film Markets!
    Again, not bad,but could have been so much better, with a much wiser, edgier vision, and, cut!

  4. Thanks for the comment, Flowers. Arcangeli certainly has an extensive filmography but I'll admit that I'm not all that familiar with him. I do hope that we see something else from Cain with a bit of energy to it and less melodrama.