Saturday, 1 December 2012

Top 10 Christmas Movies.

With the blog dedicated to Christmas for this month, I realised that most of my reviews are already located elsewhere and that people might think I have missed out a number of classics. In an effort to avoid that criticism, and also to remind people of the reviews I write elsewhere, I am writing out a list and checking it twice. Short and sweet, it's the Top 10 Christmas movies and please feel free to reply with your own favourite or any notable omissions that you think I should have included.

But before the main list, let me include a Santa clause - I have not included the much-loved Black Christmas in the following list because, as influential and impressive as it is, I have just never enjoyed it as much as most other horror fans.

All of the following titles will take you to the full review, just one click away.

10. Christmas In Connecticut.
9. A Christmas Story.
8. The Bishop's Wife.
7. Christmas Vacation.
6. Bad Santa.
5. Elf.
4. Die Hard.
3. Gremlins.
2. The Muppet Christmas Carol.
1. It's A Wonderful Life.

And a special mention for the many other excellent versions of A Christmas Carol, especially Scrooge starring Alastair Sim, and the wonderful Miracle On 34th Street.

These movies, and many more, can be found here. YULE love them, ho ho ho.

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