Thursday 13 June 2013

Occupy Depression.

It is what it is.

Having spoken to more and more people on the internet, and offline in the real world, it has become more and more apparent that depression and bipolar disorder, like so many other mental health issues, can be better dealt with when we talk about them and remove the stigma.

Personally, I like to think that these afflictions are akin to the boggart in the Harry Potter stories. A scary, terrible thing for anyone to have to face, but ultimately something that CAN be laughed at and made silly long enough for any individual to face it down and lock it back in a box.

Occupy Depression is an attempt to do just that. It will be full of random bits of fun (movie clips, songs, comedy) and also articles and interviews dealing with depression. There will be conversation amongst people on the page, but we're not going to be the online equivalent of this moment . . . .

As the motto of the page goes: "You don't have to be depressed to post here . . . . . . but it helps."

Please pass the page link along to anyone you know who may enjoy what we're trying to do, and pop in yourself.

Here ends the PSA for today.

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